2000kg/h Pasta Production Line to Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that make pasta as one of their staple foods. So most businesses invest in starting pasta making project in Pakistan. For this, professional pasta making machine is necessary. So on 27th December, a customer from Pakistan inquired about 2000kg/h pasta production line details. The following are the details of this communication:

What equipment is suitable for 2000kg/h pasta production?

The Pakistani client needs a suitable pasta production with an output of 2000 kg/h. For this, we recommend the fully automatic pasta production line. Including mixing machine, screw conveyor, single screw extruder, vibrating sifter, elevator, low&high temperature drying oven, cooling conveyor and packaging machine. On the one hand, it has a suitable capacity, about 2000 kg/h. That is, this pasta production line can turn 2 tons materials into short or long pasta in an hour. On the other hand, it is designed with PLC intelligent control and touch screen operation, etc. So it can help you finish the production of pasta in a short time.

How about the energy consumption of 2000kg/h pasta processing line?

The customer from Pakistan asked us about the energy consumption of the pasta making machine. It is not high. When you start your pasta production, the energy consumption includes electric consumption, water consumption, heating consumption for drying like steam pressure and flowrate etc. If you have other requirements, we can also customize the energy consumption machine according to your needs. In addition, we recommend you choose local energy sources to reduce unnecessary costs. For this, in the whole process of making pasta, you only need to pay attention to the capacity of pasta making machine working and area of pasta production line.

What cooling system can reduce the temperature of pasta production effectively?

This Pakistani client wanted to know about the usage of cooling system. He asked us “Can we work with electric coolers or do we need ammonia refrigeration system? ” For this, we recommend him to choose electric coolers, also named air cooling machines.

Because compared with ammonia refrigeration system, it poses minimal safety risks and can be used with just power. What’s more, it is equipped with 12 fans, each using only 0.75KW. So you don’t have to worry about excessive energy consumption. In addition, the bottom of this air cooling line configures a water tray, which can effectively prevent pollution of the production environment.

pasta air cooling machine

Why can’t you choose an ammonia refrigeration system?

Because ammonia is toxic and has a potential explosion hazard when the concentration accumulated in space reaches a certain level, its application as a refrigerant is limited. And there are certain risks to people’s health. More importantly, the output of ammonia refrigeration system cannot be too large, which is not applicable to the capacity of 2000kg/h.

These are details about our communication with the customer about 2000 kg/h pasta manufacturing line in Pakistan. In addition, if you want to produce different scales of pasta, we can also offer you short cut pasta production line and long cut pasta processing line according to your requirements.

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