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Potato Product

French Fries Production Line

Potato Product

Potato chips Processing Line

Vegetable Processing Line


Fully Automatic

If you want to clean vegetable efficiently, this vegetable processing line is the best choice for you.

Banana Chips Making Machine


Commercial & Professional

FPL banana chips making machine can produce taste banana chips. And the cost of machines is commercial for you.

How to Setup A Food Processing Line

“In order to setup a food processing line, you need to consider some factors-capacity, budget, material selection, etc. ”

FPL Engineer

Pasta Production Line


Tasty & Affordable

There are two type of pasta production line for your choice, short cut pasta and long cut pasta.

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Turnkey Solution for Food Processing Line

automatic potato chips making machine price

Potato Chips Plant Setup


1000 kg/h



cost of vegetable processing plant

Cost of Vegetable Processing Line





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