Dumpling Production Line

  • Capacity – 160pcs/min-250pcs/min.

  • Application – Hotels, Restaurant, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Dumplings, as a Chinese delicacy, are very popular abroad. Because the fun of tasting it is that you can wrap it with different fillings according to different people’s tastes and experience different delicacies. So many manufacturers are interested in investing this dumpling production line project. But how to produce dumplings?

How to prepare fillings as raw materials?

Fillings are the key to whether dumplings are delicious or not. Only with good fillings can dumplings be more delicious. But how to prepare the filling? What equipment can be used?

What equipment is suitable for making dumplings?

After preparing the fillings, you can start the process of making dumplings. If you want to produce dumplings on a large scale, you need relevant supporting equipment.

dumpling dough mixer

Dumpling dough mixer

Your first step in making dumplings is to mix the dough. By using a fully automatic dough mixing machine, it can continuously blend the dumpling dough, ensuring consistent and premium mixing. And you can choose it according to the model and capacity.

Dumpling wrapper machine

After kneading the dough, you need to make the dumpling wrappers. If you roll your dumpling wrappers by hand, not only will they be different in size, but they will also be different in thickness. More importantly, for large-scale dumpling production, it is necessary to have a dumpling wrapper machine. The pressing roller can adjust the thickness of 1 – 5 mm.

dumpling making machine

This machine adopts the human-machine intersection operation and PLC control methods. And dumplings produced by this machine is similar to the hand-produced dumplings in the aspect of taste, color and shape etc. So you can safely use this equipment to produce dumplings.

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