Industrial Dough Mixer

  • Capacity – according to dough and flour’s capacity.

  • Final color – slightly yellow and half transparent.
  • Voltage – 380 v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

When you want to make pasta, the first step is always to mix dough. So a dough mixer is essential. There are many types of dough mixers, and choosing the one that suits you is the key. For this, FPL, as a professional food machine manufacturer, can provide you a suitable industrial dough mixer for your large scale food production. Welcome to contact us.

What is the working principle of industrial dough mixer?

The flour mixing process is under vacuum and negative pressure. So that the protein in the flour can absorb the moisture in the shortest time and the best gluten network can be formed. For this, the dough is smooth, and the toughness and bite strength of the dough can reach the best state. Then the dough is slightly yellow and half transparent after boiling.

Three types of industrial dough mixer for your choice

There are three types of dough mixers as follows:

dough mixer

Spiral mixer

The spiral dough mixer is the fastest of the three machines. The steel spiral rotates on the vertical axis, while the bowl is able to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. And the size and length of the spiral can change the final result. Because its speed allows for a decisive reduction in production times and is ideal for long processes (soft doughs and more). Even if it generates a lot of heat (for which the temperature of the water to be inserted must be taken into account).

Twin arms mixer

This machine simulates the movement of human arms in the act of kneading. Faster than the fork mixer, but slower than the spiral mixer. And it offers a lower heating than the second one and guarantees excellent oxygenation due to the movement from top to bottom that involves the dough when it is taken by the “arms”.

twin arm mixer
fork mixer

Fork mixer

It is characterized by the fork-shaped working arm which operates inclined with respect to the rotation axis of the bowl. In comparison with the other two models, it offers a slower processing which therefore requires more time. But for this reason it is able to convey less heat to the dough (which thus offers a better seal) and to handle it longer. For this, its characteristics make it ideal for all dough with a low percentage of water (essentially the driest).

Why do you choose FPL industrial dough mixer?

There are numerous advantages of an industrial dough mixer machine. It is one of the most essential tools for pasta production. So why do you choose FPL dough mixer?

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