Potato Chips Production Line Price

For potato chips making project starting, cost is an item we must focus on. Most potato chips manufacturers inquired about it when purchasing potato processing line from our food machinery factory. And we can provide you with the most suitable business plans according to your potato chips production line price.

fully automatic potato chips linesemi automatic potato chips processing line

3 factors affect potato chips production line price

The cost of potato processing line is usually not fixed. Because it will fluctuate with capacity, equipment configuration and machine manufacturer choosing, etc.

Fully automtaic potato chips processing line

Potato chips line capacity

The larger the capacity, the higher the potato chips production price. Adversely, the smaller the capacity, the lower the cost. In general, our potato chips making line can dispose of 20-2000 kg of potatoes into chips per hour.

Potato chips equipment configuration

This contains the chips making equipment types and number. If you have enough budget for potato chips manufacturing, our fully automatic chips production line is your best choice. In addition, you can also add some other configurations according to your needs. But for those who want to start potato chips production at a low cost, you can buy our semi automatic potato chips line. Which only contains seven machines. Inquired us for details.

potato chips line manufacturer

Reliable potato chips making machine manufacturer

As mentioned above, as a professional food machinery manufacturer, we help you finish the chips making at an economical price. For one thing, we can provide you with quality potato chips processing lines at a factory price. For another, we can also design potato chips making business plan according to your budget. What’s more, our equipment use SUS304 stainless steel as material, which has high strength and is not easy to corrosion. So, in the long term, it can reduce your cost of potato chips production, cost of equipment maintain and replacement.

What is the cost of fully automatic potato chips line?

Fully automatic potato chips line is the most advanced technology for chips production. It uses SUS304 stainless steel as equipment materials for potato chips production. So the frying can withstand the high temperature of 180 ℃. Therefore, it can help you finish the chips making within 3 min. In general, the fully automatic potato chips making system consists of washing and peeling, selection, cutting slices, air bubble washing again, blanching, air cooling, frying and flavoring. For this, its chips processing line cost is only $238,00-$35,000.

fully automatic potato chips line price

Is there a economode potato chips processing line?

semi automatic potato chips processing line

Of course. There is a semi automatic potato chips processing line for your choice. It can help you process potatoes into slices at a lower cost. This kind of chips manufacturing system only needs $8,000-$12,000. However, it is usually more suitable for small scale potato chips manufacturing projects. So it can help you process 30-200 kg of potatoes into slices per hour.

How to reduce your potato chips making line cost?

In sum up, if you want to set up a potato chips processing line at a lower cost, you can act from the following aspects:

  • Choose a simple potato chips process: Generally, for chips production, the simpler the process, the less the equipment, the smaller the area, the lower the cost.

  • Buy potato chips making equipment from source factory: Buy chips processing line from a source factory instead of distributor. There is no extra charge during trading. Here our food machinery factory is an ideal choice.

  • Find a leading food equipment supplier: A leading food machine manufacturer like us not only can provide you with quality machines for potato chips plant setup but also can offer you considerate service. Such a suitable machines recommendations, CAD drawing, installation guidance, etc. They are all out of charge.

Besides the above introduction, the final quote for potato chips making system is also related to many other factors. Such as equipment design changing, gold sale festival, market fluctuation, etc. If you need a more precise quote for your potato chips production line equipment, welcome to contact us immediately.