Potato Chips Production Line

  • Capacity – 20-2000 kg/h.

  • Frying time – 3 min.
  • Frying temperature – 180 ℃.
  • Blanching time – 7-15 min.
  • Blanching temperature – 70 ℃.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Potato chips production line is of ideal equipment for processing fresh potatoes into slices. FPL potato chips making line is automatic which is easy to operate. The equipment of production line is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and meets hygienic standards. Using fresh potatoes as raw materials, the whole process of washing, peeling, slicing, washing, dewatering, frying, seasoning and other steps to make delicious potato chips. Feel free to contact us for getting offer and more information about our potato chips production line.

How to dispose of potatoes before frying?

The main material of potato chips production are potatoes. However, it is unwise to directly use them to prepare the required potato chips. So there are some necessary processes you need to pay attention to.

Washing and peeling potatoes

The process begins with the cleaning and peeling of the raw potatoes. With the help of roller cleaning stone removal machine and brush peeling machine, this stage can remove dirt, impurities, and the outer skin of the potatoes. And it can feed and discharg potatoes at the same time, which works continuously. In addition, if you want to dispose of large scale potatoes, we can also provide you with the two level washing and peeling machine.

Selecting right & bad potatoes

When you want to produce high quality potato chips, this step is necessary. Because you can pick right or bad potatoes in this line. And there are two or four workers for your choice according to your capacity. What’s more, the conveying speed of the picking line can be adjustable because of a frequency conversion speed regulating device.

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Cutting potatoes into slices

Slicing the peeled potatoes into thin, uniform slices by the slicing machine. Consistency in thickness is important to ensure even frying and consistent product quality. Our potato slicer  has the features of smooth surface, fast cutting, easy cleaning and simple operation, which can save manpower and cost.

potato cutter machine for sale

You need to spend 30-40s to clean them. And during the cleaning process, air bubble can remove the starch and sugar on the surface of potato slices to prevent the deterioration of the oil body and prolong the service life of the oil. What’s more, you can adjust the bubble size to control the cleaning intensity and prevent material damage due to excessive cleaning.

air bubble washing equipment introduction

Why do you need to blanch potato slices?

The cut potato slices are boiled for a short period of time, which is known as blanching. This process can give the potato slices a desirable color. For this, the water temperature gets 65℃-90℃ to blanch slices perfectly. Then the equipment configures a stainless steel mesh belt with automatic transmission and frequency conversion speed regulation function.

air bubble cleaning equipment

Firstly, potato chips will have a certain amount of heat after blanching and may stick together. So we use air bubble cleaning machine to cool them. And it uses bubbles to roll up and down to imitate manual scrubbing, which can quickly lower the surface temperature of potato chips and effectively prevent over-blanching of the material. In addition, it fully breaks up the materials, which is beneficial to the uniformity during frying.

Then, what machine can remove excessive moisture? Air-cooled dehydrator. The potato chips are conveyed through the mesh belt and turned over multiple times to achieve wind exposure and uniformity on all sides. And the high-pressure wind from the fan cools the food and dries the surface moisture. More importantly, its transmission speed is adjustable, and the air nozzle is in the shape of an air knife, which effectively increases the air volume and pressure. Then, the moisture of the material is blown away or evaporated in a short time, effectively preventing oil jumping during frying and shortening the frying time.

What is the process of potato chips manufacturing?

However, if you want to produce potato chips, after drying, you need to take the follow steps:

Potato chips frying

Through using potato chips frying machine, you can fry the dried potato slices for a set period of time. Our continuous potato chips frying machine is specially designed to ensure a perfect frying result with controlled temperature, while at the same time ensure the sustainable use of oil.

Flavoring the fried potato chips

Then the seasoning drum can send to the seasoning powder quantitatively by a screw device. And uniformly mixing the potato chips with the seasoning powder by the rotation of the seasoning drum to increase the flavor of the product.

Packaging potato chips

Finally, packaging the potato chips is to prolong its shelf life or to promote its branding. Our automatic chips making line includes potato chips packaging machine which can do an efficient and excellent packing job.

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