Potato Frying Machine

  • Capacity – 500-1500 kg/h.

  • Power – gas and electric heating.
  • Voltage – 380 v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Potato frying machine refers to potato chips frying machine and french fries frying machine. For potato chips and french fries are famous potato processing products that are widely consumed by people all around the world. In a process line for chips or french fries, the fryer is a vital piece of equipment, for it can determine the texture and color of end product. FPL frying machines for chips and french fry are designed and manufactured carefully. And with constant innovation in technology, our chips and french fries fryer machines can deliver not only good result, but also sustainable use of oil and energy.

What is the technology of frying potatoes?

mesh belt of potato fryer

Oil-water mixture technology. The oil and water can automatically be layered after mixing. Then oil frying food in the upper after heated, water receiving sinking slag below, the slag can be renoved in time. So it is not like the ordinary frying machine. While the oil black acidification due to floating black residue in a short time, so as to result in waste.

Two heating methods in potato frying machine for your choice

There are two heating methods for frying french fries and potato chips. Electric heating and gas heating.

You can choose them according to your requirements.

Are there other systems in continuous frying machine?

Of course. Besides heating system, there are six systems in this process. For example, belt conveying system, hoisting system, automatic residues scrapping system, automatic control system, hot oil circulation system and smoke extraction system. And these systems can improve your frying quality and maintain your production environment.

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