Fried Food Deoiling Machine

  • Capacity – 300-700 kg/h.

  • Voltage – 380 v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

In potato processing line for chips or french fries, fried food deoiling machine is positioned right after frying machine. After being fried, covering the potato chips or french fries with oil. Therefore, the fried food defatting machine for potato chips and french fries is necessary for two main reasons. The first it to prevent potato products from clogging together. And the second is also to meet customer taste for crispy low-fat potato chips and french fries.

Thanks to high technology and careful design, our chips and french fries deoiling machine can realize these two goals effectively and efficiently. And the exact configuration of these machines are designed to meet your needs.

There are two types of fried food deoiling machine for your choice.

Centrifugal Type Deoiling Machine for Sale

Using the centrifugal principle, this deoiling machine adopts the anti-shock system.  So the device will not shake during the deoiling process.

Why do you choose centrifugal type deoiling machine in FPL?

  • Centrifugal deoiling machine is equipped with an anti-shock system which ensures a reliable working condition.

  • Configuring electromagnetic brake, the fried deoiling machine features a safe and quick on-off.

  • This machine also set up the digital control panel which makes the operation of high automation and labor-saving.

Vibration Deoiling Machine

In potato chips or french fries production line, the fried chips or french fries will be transported to the vibrating type deoiling machine. By means of vibrating, removing and filtering the extra oil on the surface of potato products. For this, you can collect the oil from the deoiling machine for further use.

When you want to build a potato chips or french fries production line, vibration deoiling machine is necessary. Why?

fried food deoiling machine

Because overheating or over-using the frying oil leads to the formation of rancid-tasting products of oxidation, polymerization, and other deleterious, unintended or even toxic compounds such as acrylamide (from starchy foods). Therefore, this machine is a good assistant to help you solve the trouble. And by using it, you can save a lot of oil as well as making sure the fried foods more tasty and healthy.

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