French Fries Production Line

  • Capacity – 20-2000 kg/h.

  • Voltage – 220/380 v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Now many people like to eat french fries. For this, manufacturers focus on investing this item. Our factory, as a professional manufacturer, we can provide you with an automatic french fries production line. It is easy to operate and the equipment of the line is made of stainless steel that is easy to clean and meets hygienic standards. Then how to make french fries? There are various french fries making machines and business plans for your choice.

How to make french fries?

The fresh potatoes should go through several processes before they are turned into crispy french fries. Here are brief introductions of these processes and machines correspondingly.

Let’s start potatoes disposal preparation work!

Washing and peeling potatoes

This washing and peeling process can remove soils and other foreign materials on the potatoes. Ensuring clean peeled potatoes ready for next process. Designed with great innovation, our potato washing and peeling machine can wash and peel the potatoes within single machine, saving the need of extra machine. What’s more, our washing and peeling machine can produce peeled potatoes with high efficiency with less damage to the potatoes.

Cutting potatoes into strips

Then cutting the peeled potatoes into strips with regular shapes. FPL potato cutting machine can cut potatoes into strips in an efficient way. Besides, the potato cutting machine also can be adjust in real time so that you can cut the potatoes in your required sizes.

Blanching the potato strips

This step can remove extra starch on the potato strips, preserve their desired color, and eliminate potential bacteria. Our french fries blanching machine is equipped with temperature and time setting, so that the potato strips are blanched in a though way while at the same time save water.

Removing excessive moisture

After the blanching process, the potato strips are enriched with water. It is necessary to remove the extra water so that the potato strips become crispy after being fried. FPL dewatering machine will dry the potato strips in an even way with less energy consumption.

Then frying potato strips for French fries production!

French fries continuous fryer

French fries frying machine

The french fries are fried at a stable oil temperature and evenly presented in golden yellow color through using the continuous fryer. It is equipped with PLC touch operation. The screen can set and display the frying temperature and time, and with multiple safety devices to ensure the personal safety and equipment functions of the devices.

Deoiling and cooling french fries

After being fired, the potato strips are covered with oil and are still in high temperature. To make them crispy and crunchy, deoiling and cooling is necessary. Our deoiling machine will remove the extra oil and cool the strips down in a both time and energy efficient way.

industrial deoiling machine

The above is the entire process of French fries production. If you are interested in it, we can also provide you with quick-frozen French fries production line and related solutions for potato chip production line.

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