Frozen French Fries Production Line

  • Capacity – 50-5000 kg/h.

  • Energy – electricity, diesel, steam gas.
  • Voltage – 380/400/420/440 v.
  • Temperature – 0-260 ℃.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

The storage time of quick-frozen French fries is longer than other types. So many manufacturers pay attention to this project. Our frozen french fries production line with different production capacity, from 50 kg/h-5000 kg/h. And this line is suitable for medium and large quick frozen potato fries production. Production in strict accordance with the national standard manufacturing process. Welcome to contact us at anytime.

What equipment is suitable for preparing frozen French fries?

Capacity always plays an important role in frozen french fries making machine selection. So Provided you want to produce frozen french fries in a large quantities, there is no doubt that you need to choose frozen french fries processing equipment with a large capacity. Then what equipment do you need to buy for large scale frozen french fries manufacturing? You can choose the following frozen french fries machines.

Material Disposal Stage

Air bubble washing machine

When you want to the final french fries with a good tasty, this step is necessary. Because potatoes have more starch, which influence the taste of french fries. For this, you can use air bubble washing machine to remove excessive starch. And this machine can adjust the size of air bubble.So this can effectively prevent material damage caused by excessive bubbles.

air bubble washing machine for frozen french fries making
types of blanching machines

Blanching is an important procedure. You can put the French fries into the blanching machine with a water temperature of about 65-90℃, which can destroy the enzyme activity, improve and soften the tissue structure. For this, making it easy to dry and also prevent frying and foaming. If you have a small scale frozen french fries making, we specially designed a batch type blanching machine for you.

Air cooler for removing moisture and reducing temperature

  • Drying the moisture on the surface of the French fries can effectively reduce the oil content of the French fries during frying. Furthermore, it can also improve the taste of the French fries and reduce the energy consumption of frying. So air cooler is the best choice for you. But do you have another machine can reduce the temperature of French fries? Air bubble washing machine. It not only has a cleaning function, but can also use bubbles to roll up and down to imitate manual scrubbing. In this way, the surface temperature of the potato chips can be quickly lowered, effectively preventing excessive blanching of the material.

Let’s start a frying French fries business!

It determines the quality of final product in a greater aspect. Constant high temperature of frying for a set period of time can produce optimum quality of finished product. So the frying time is 2-3 minutes and thefrying temperature is 170-10℃ are more suitable solution to frying them. Our french fries frying machines are equipped with controllable temperatures as well as time, ensuring optimum final product. And what’s more, we put emphasis on oil and energy consumption to ensure high efficiency of the making process.

After the frying process, the french fries are covered with oil and some of them may clog together. The deoiling process can remove extra oil on the surface of the potato strips and cool them down.

After the frying and deoiling section, the fries comes to this part of the line. This part is the optional for producing frozen french fries. Prepared potatoes freezing here about 20 min, before they goes to next part of the line. There are four quick freezers for your choice. Spiral quick freezer, liquid nitrogen freezing cabinet, liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer and tunnel quick freezing machine. Because the raw materials are different, the quick freezing time and temperature will be adjusted according to the materials.

It is the final process of frozen french fries production line. Packaging on the one hand can protect the final product, ensuring long shelf life. On the other hand, packaging can make transportation much easier. With advanced technology, our nitrogen packaging machine can pack the final product with great weight accuracy and high efficiency.

Top 2 frozen French fries lines in 2024

There are two types of frozen French fries lines for your choice. Fully automatic frozen French fries making line and semi-automatic frozen French fries production system. You can choose them according to your needs.

Semi-automatic frozen French fries making line

If you need a frozen French fries production line with a low cost, the production line of semi-automatic is your best choice. It is the simplest frozen French fries production line in Yoto. So it consists of brush cleaning machine, potato cutting machine, batch type blancher, dewatering machine, batch type fryer or fry pot, deoiling equipment and planetary seasoning machine. To a certain extent, less food equipment means lower frozen French fries production costs. Does it mean lower capacity? Of course not. The semi-automatic preparation line has a capacity of 30kg/h-300kg/h. So it is one of our hot sale frozen French fries processing lines.

Fully automatic frozen French fries production line

Provided you want improving your frozen French fries quality, you can choose a more efficiently frozen French fries line. For this, we can provide you with the fully automatic frozen French fries production line. On the basis of the semi-automatic frozen French fries making line, it adds many other frozen French fries making machines and replace some equipment to improving their quality.

For example, washing and peeling machine replace brushing cleaning machine, which remove dirt more thoroughly. Batch type blanching machine replace mesh belt blancher for large scale frozen French fries production. The specific content is mentioned in the above process.  Therefore, the final products are not easy to stick and more convenient to transport and store.

Frozen french fries production line price

Price has always been a concern for manufacturers. Usually, the larger the output of frozen french fries production, the higher the price. And the smaller the output, the lower the price will be. The detailed information is as follows:

If you want to know what equipment corresponds to different scales, please come to us for consultation.

How to ensure a stable material supply for frozen french fries manufacturing?

When you want to start frozen French fries manufacturing, it is essential to ensure stable sources of your materials. In this way, you can produce frozen French fries continuously and deliver it to your customers. In general, you can consider it from two aspects:

What kinds of potatoes can frozen french fries line produce?

The core factor that determines the quality of frozen French fries is potatoes. There are many varieties of potatoes, but they can be roughly divided into two categories: Waxy Potatoes and Starchy Potatoes. This classification is mainly based on differences in their texture, starch content and moisture content.

Waxy potatoes for stir-frying and stewing

Generally speaking, waxy potatoes, which are less starchy and more watery, are more commonly used for stir-frying and stewing. Because there is less starch, it is easier to maintain the crispy taste of potatoes after frying. And it also means that they will not completely deform after stewing. So if you want to make frozen French fries, this type of potatoes is not suitable for you.

The final destination of frozen French fries is frying French fries. For this, the core of French fries is crispy. This means that the epidermis needs to be dehydrated. But waxy potatoes have too much moisture and are difficult to crisp. Therefore, frozen French fries require starchy potatoes. This type of potato has a higher starch content, a thicker skin and a lower moisture content.

Starchy potatoes for frozen French fries production

So when encountering hot oil, the thick and dry outer layer only needs to absorb relatively little fat to easily create a crispy texture. And when the outer layer becomes crispy, the moisture inside is enough to “steam” the inside of the fries, making the fries crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and forming a rich taste layer.

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