Chocolate Production Line

  • Capacity – 100-500 kg/h (customizing).

  • Cooling tunnel temperature – 0-10℃.
  • Voltage – 380v/220v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Chocolate is a popular delicacy around the world. And it is also a special product that can carry family affection, friendship, and love. It seems to have a magical power that can make people who eat it feel better and replenish energy. So many chocolate manufacturers are willing to invest in this project. But how to produce chocolate? FPL can provide you with a complete chocolate production line with different machine. Welcome to contact us for details.

What is the design of chocolate production line?

For finish chocolate manufacturing, we need to buy equipment with a high efficiency. It not only has a suitable capacity but also special designs which are beneficial for faster production. Therefore, in chocolate production system, you will choose the machines as follows:

Melting pot

For chocolate production, melting pot is essential. It can automatically control water temperature of the interlayer to melt cocoa liquor or cocoa butter. And the most suitable water temperature is about 50℃.

Chocolate refiner machine

chocolate refiner machine

In grinding process, we recommend you use chocolate refiner machine for chocolate production. It adopts PLC system to accurately control the material flow from the conveyor melt. What’s more, the fineness of grinding is 25-20 microns. This means it can finely grind the chocolate slurry.

Storage tank

It is a container for storing the finely ground chocolate paste at rated temperature. Because storage tank adopts automatic circulation temperature control device, it is beneficial for improving the quality of chocolate.

After completing the preparations, let’s start making chocolate.

Provided you a commercial chocolate production line

This chocolate production line is suitable for single-color chocolate, left-right two-color chocolate, top-bottom two-color chocolate, and paste sandwich chocolate, nut sandwich chocolate, etc. You can use a chocolate production line to produce multiple styles of chocolate just by changing molds. In this case, the entire production line is more cost-effective. For this, you only need $60,000-$180,000 with the capacity of 6-15 pieces of mould/min to purchase this chocolate making system.

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