Tunnel Quick Freezer

  • Capacity – 100-2000 kg/h.

  • Input temperature – <15 degree.
  • Output temperature – <-18 degree.
  • Voltage – 380 v/50 Hz.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

When you want to storage fresh food for a long time, freezing is necessary. For this, tunnel quick freezer is the best choice for you. It allows food to be stored longer without compromising its freshness. And it is widely used in frozen french fries, chicken nuggets, frozen fruits, etc. Welcome to contact us at anytime.

What configuration improves the overall quality of FPL quick freezer?

Polyurethane insulation board

This insulation board’s thickness is 150mm and outside/inside cover 0.8/0.5mm stainless steel plate. So the insulation effect is better. What’s more, it also contains the self-extinguishing flame retardant type hard PU(polyurethane) sandwich insulation board as a insulation layer. For this, it not only reduces its own weight, but also ensures the overall thermal insulation effect of the quick freezer. And the Polyurethane density: ≥40kg/m³.

Aluminum tube and fin

We also configure big size aluminum tube and fin in tunnel quick freezer. Because fins made of aluminum are lighter and can reduce the overall weight of the equipment. And they has a long service life because of 0.5mm thick coating. The machine will not be damaged due to alternating hot and cold temperatures. In addition, it defrosts evenly and prelong frosting time.

What method does tunnel quick freezer adopts?

IQF method. It is special because of its ability to individually freeze all its components and keep them separate from each other.

IQF tunnel freezer

We specially designed IQF freezers to vibrate and shake to ensure that the individual products are separated and frozen without any clumping. This enables products such as peas, beans, strawberries, blueberries, shrimp and other similar products to frozen in a way regular freezers or blast freezers cannot.

Food produce that is frozen through slower means of freezing tend to be dry and damaged when they are defrosted. And the formation of larger ice crystals damage the cell walls and reduce the quality of the food. But our IQF tunnel quick freezing does not allow the process of bigger ice crystal formation to take place.

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