French Fries Cutter Machine

  • Capacity – 600-1000 kg/h.

  • Voltage – 380 v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

How to make french fries? There are two types of french fries cutter machine for your choice in FPL. Straight fries cutting machine and crinkle fries slicer machine. As the name suggests, they can produce different shapes of french fries. Customers can choose them according to their requirements.

Straight Fries Cutter Machine for Sale

This machine adopts high speed stainless steel cutting blades to cut potatoes into straight fries. And the cutting size ranges from 7mm to 20mm. The detailed information is as the follow:

Straight Fries Cutter Machine for Sale

Model: SXTKQS-600

Power: 1.5kw

Capacity: 600kg/h

Weight: 110kg

Dimension: 950*800*950mm

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Why do you choose FPL straight fries cutter machine?

Commercial Crinkle Fries Cutting Machine for Sale

The crinkle fries cutting machine is a kind of multifunctional vegetable cutting machine. This stainless steel crinkle-cutting wavy fries cutter can not only cut potatoes into wave chips, flat chips, crinkle french fries, and strips but also can cut all kinds of vegetables and fruits into cubes, chops, strips and chips. There are two models for your choice.

Model: SXTKCF-66

Power: 0.55kw

Capacity: 600kg/h

Weight: 100kg

Dimension: 1100*370*800mm

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Crinkle Fries Cutting Machine
details of crinkle cutting machine

Model: SXTKCF-100

Power: 0.75KW

Capacity: 1000kg/h

Weight: 180kg

Dimension: 1300*500*950mm

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

2 features of french fries from crinkle fries cutter machine in FPL

The most direct and effective way to choose a suitable crinkle fries cutter machine is testing the finished french fries. Then what kind of crinkle fries can this machine produce for you? Usually, the french fries from crinkle fries cutter machine has two highlights as follows:

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