How to Dry Potatoes

  • Capacity – 300-400 kg/h.

  • Power – 0.5 kw.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

The potato dehydrating machine is also known as drying machine. In potato chips or french fries making line, the vibration dehydrating machine is often situated between blancher and air drying machine. It is used to dry the potato product before being fried. This can raise the quality of chips and french fries after frying, making them crispy. FPL potato chips and french fries drying machine ensure high quality end result with great sustainability. And we offer your tailored dryer machines according to your needs.

How to dry potatoes in vibration dewatering machine?

dewatering machine

When the blanched hot potato chips or fries arrive on the vibrating belt dryer, the vibration of the machine can help remove extra water, making it ready for next air drying process.

What is the feature of vibration dehydrating machine?


This machine uses SUS304 stainless steel as materials. And according to the characteristics of the equipment, the sizes of different parts are designed differently. For example, frame 4mm, square tubes 100*50*3mm, sieve plate 3mm, holes 5mm, motor base 6mm.

Stainless Steel


1. Except for dewatering potato chips and french fries, the vibration dewatering machine can also be used in other vegetables and fruits process lines.

2. The vibration dewatering machine is are widely used in school canteens large and medium-sized restaurants, potato chips processing plants, and other food processing industries.

How much to dry potatoes in vibration dewatering machine?

300-400kg/h vibration dehydrating machine

In general, there are two models of this machine for your choice. Because of different capacities, their price is also different. For this, you need $2,500-$4,000 to purchase this dewatering machine with 300-400kg/h.

Are there other configures for dehydrating potatoes?

Of course. In addition to the above mentioned, we also specially install an outlet channel at the bottom of the equipment. This can effectively maintain the production environment.

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