Mesh Belt Dryer

  • Mesh belt width – 1.2m.

  • Dry length – 8m.
  • Temperature – 50-120℃.
  • Steam pressure – 0.2-0.5MPa.
  • Evaporation of water – 80-220kg/h.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Mesh belt dryer is a kind of continuous drying machine. It is widely used in food processing line. And especially it is suitable for drying fruit and vegetable chips. When you want to dry large scale food slices, this machine is the best choice for you. For this, it is helpful for you to dehydrate food effectively according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us at any time.

What are the types of belt drying machine?

There are three types of mesh belt dryer for your choice. Single stage belt dryer, multi-stage belt drying machine and multi-layer belt dryer. So you can choose them according to your needs.

What is the configuration of belt dryer?

The whole equipment consists of feeding system, hot air system, discharge system, and moisture discharge system.

  • The charging system makes the materials evenly dispersed on the screen plate and conveyed to the drying section at a uniform speed.

  • The hot air system is to provide the heat source required for drying, providing 80~120℃ hot air to the drying chamber.

  • When the conveyor belt passes through, the hot air passes through the materials on the conveyor belt from top to bottom or from bottom to top so that the materials can be dried evenly and finally discharged by the discharge system.

How does mesh belt dryer work?

The mesh belt dryer is a continuous production drying equipment. And the main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating and hot air heating. So its principle is to spread the material evenly on the mesh belt. And the belt dryer is composed of several units. Each unit circulates hot air independently. Furthermore, part of the exhaust gas is discharged by a dedicated exhaust fan.

The exhaust gas is controlled by a regulating valve. So the process of mass transfer takes away the moisture of the material. What’s more, the mesh belt is made of 12-60 steel mesh belt, which is dragged by the transmission device to move back and forth in the dryer. And this drying machine is discharged from the moisture exhaust hole to achieve the purpose of drying.

What is the application of food processing conveyor belt dryer?

How can you quickly recoup your investment after purchasing conveyor belt dryer? Of course, let the equipment play its maximum role. If the mesh belt dryer can be used for a variety of materials, its application range will be very wide and the cost will be greatly reduced. And it can also help you make profits. So what materials are suitable for belt dryer?

Sheets, strips and granular materials with good air permeability. And the temperature of the hot air is controllable from 50℃ to 160℃.

Eggplant, fruit, vegetable slices, dried fruit slices, red pepper, pepper, strawberries, walnuts, hawthorn slices, etc.

Honeysuckle, Nasturtium, Scutellaria, Salvia, Ginseng, Codonopsis, Raw Rehmannia, Rehmannia, Atractylodes, etc.

Organic pigment, compound rubber, acryl fiber, etc.

Why so many manufacturers choose FPL industrial belt dryer?

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