Peanut Peeling Machine

  • Capacity – 150-400 kg/h.

  • Peeling rate – over 98%.
  • Voltage – 380 v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Peanut peeling machine is an professional device for removing the red skin of peanuts. There are two types of groundnut peeling machines for your choice. Dry type peanut peeler and wet type groundnut peeling machine. They target roasted peanuts and blanched peanuts respectively. So FPL can provide you with a suitable peanut peeling machine according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us at anytime.

Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine

How does dry type peanut peeling machine work to remove red skins from peanuts?

dry type peanut peeling machine

As we know, when the moisture of peanuts is less than 5%, the binding force between the red skin and kernel would reduce a lot. And at this time, just a small force can separate the red skin from the kernel. For this, this machine adopts rubber roller friction peeling method, the double rubber asynchronous roller can remove the red skin of peanuts easily and high efficiently while protecting the kernel from damage. During the processing, the wind machine will pump the red skin away and separate from the white peanut kernels.

3 Highlights of groundnut peeling machine in FPL

If you want to know if this groundnut peeling machine is suitable for you, look at the specifics of the device. Because paying attention to details will be taken into account in all aspects of the customer’s thoughts. For this, there are three highlights in peanut peeler as follows:

Wet Type Groundnut Peeler

Wet type peanut peeling method is quite different from dry type peanut peeling which disposes of roasted or dried peanuts. It is to peel soaked or immersed peanuts.

What is the working principle of wet type peanut peeling machine?

This peeler machine is equipped with high standards of pure soft rubber roller, adopting friction peeling principle. Then the soaked peanuts feeding into the hopper, the rotating rubber roller will friction the peanuts. And the soft peanut skin will be peeled. So the biggest advantage of this wet peeling method is the peanut won’t be damaged and keep original taste and color. This machine peels the groundnut gently just like human hand.

peanut wet peeling machine

Why so many manufacturers want to buy wet type peanut peeler?

Peeled peanuts have wide application in preprocessing peanut products, such as peanut butter, peanut milk, canned peanuts,etc. So its investment form is flexible and small or big scale production can accept. For those manufacturers who want to process peanuts products is an incontroverible great investment to make profits.

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