Dumpling Making Machine

  • Capacity – 200-1200 kg/h.

  • Application – Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant, Retail, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops, etc .
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Nowadays, dumplings are not only popular in China, but also many foreigners often taste this food. And when you want to make dumplings, dumpling making machine is necessary. It plays an important role in the dumpling production line. Because it determines the final shape of the dumplings. For this, you can customize the mold according to your desired dumpling shape. And we can provide you with the best solutions and dumpling making machine.

How does dumpling making machine work?

FPL dumpling making machine is fully automatic, so you need no manual working. Besides put the stuff and kneaded dough into two different feeders. For this, you only start the stuff feeding switch and adjust the amount. Then the plump dumplings come out.

What product shapes can dumpling forming machine provide for you?

There are many types of dumpling shapes for your choice. For example, Half-moon, Square, Triangle, Round ball/sphere, Ural, Heart, and Fish. We can also customize the shape according to your requirements.

What technologies do dumpling making machine adopts for dumplings production?

Three technologies for making dumplings are available. Extrusion, rolling and closed molding formation. You can choose them to make dumplings for your choice.


Pressing the dough under high pressure through (for example, with the help of a screw) the ring-shaped channel forming the tube which is then filled. At the next stage, in order to perform the forming of a product, using molding drums of different configuration to fill for compressing the tube.

As a result, we have a product with relatively large amount of dough (the dough thickness is over 1 mm), with more stiff texture and pasta taste.


The main advantage of the dough rolling technology is the reproduction of homemade dumpling production in industrial scale. So the basic idea of this dumpling machine design is that dough rolling process and final product forming are done within one compact machine unit.

This machine consists of one or more pairs of rollers, which consistently reduce the thickness of the dough strip. And the last pair of rollers can be equipped with a gap adjustment to get the desired dough thickness.

Closed molding formation

It is a method of product molding by cells of the set configuration located in rows on a surface of molding drums. And two dough strips pass between the molding drums, while the forcemeat is fed continuously between them. Then the molding drums are tightly closed during the operation. So when the products are formed, the surplus dough “flow” into the molding cells and go into the product itself.

Tips: this method ensures exceptionally tight “sealing” of the filling. And during cooking, dumplings do not fall apart at the seam. Furthermore, the broth formed by the filling is kept inside.

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