Pasta Making Machine

  • Capacity – 120-400 kg/h.

  • Required workers – 1 worker.
  • Voltage – 380 v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Pasta making machine as a single screw extruder can produce long cut and short cut pasta. You only adjust the length according to PLC control system for pasta production. For this, as a professional food machine manufacturer, FPL can provide you with the best solution for making pasta. If you are interested in it, please contact us for details.

What is the new design in pasta making machine?

In order to make high quality pasta, we specially designed a new type of pasta making machine. It has a vacuum system, which can help keep the taste of pasta.

Pasta Maker Machine

For the pasta and macaroni, the big problem is with bubbles and air inside. With the vacuum pump, which can extract air from feeding part, so there will be no any air and bubbles inside the pasta and macaroni. What’s more, the finished product will not easy broken and taste also very strong and good.

How does pasta making machine work for pasta extrusion?

The materials enter from the hopper into the feed throat, are conveyed by the rotary motion of the screw. Then the mechanical shear from the screw and thermal heat from the barrel convert the solid polymer into melt. Finally, pushing them out of the die.

pasta making process

Why so many manufacturers choose FPL pasta making machine?

stage overall design

This machine can adopt a 2-stage overall design for strengthening the plasticization function for ensuring high-speed, stable extrusion, and high performance. For this, you can produce pasta more smooth.

Special barrier

The special barrier complete mixing design will ensure the material mixing effect and the high shear. As well as guaranteeing low melting temperature.

Stainless Steel for pasta making machine

Material Usage

It is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which offers high yield strength and good corrosion resistance. And the supporting structures are made of carbon-painted steel, including a service platform for easy access and maintenance.

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