How to Design Potato Chips Production Line

When you want to setup a potato chips processing plant commercially, a reasonable design is important. It not only can make your potato chips production more smoothly but also is beneficial for reducing the cost of potato chips production. Here, FPL food equipment factory can help you a lot. We provide you with area division, potato chips production line drawing, suitable equipment, required area, etc. In addition, if you have any other requirements about potato chips processing line design, you also can contact us for solutions.

potato chips production line

How many parts are contained in a potato chips line?

For potato chips line design, it is necessary to know how many parts it contains. In general, it consists of three areas at least. Material area, potato chips making system workshop and finished potato chips products storage area.

How many areas does a potato chips making factory cover?

Besides potato chips plant function area division, it is dispensable to know the area coverage in potato chips making line design. Then both material area and final product area are related to output simply. The smaller the capacity, the smaller the area needed. However, for the occupation area of potato chips production line, you also need to consider the method and equipment you choose.

fully automatic potato chips manufacturing plant

If you have a workshop which is big enough for potato chips manufacturing, our fully automatic potato chips plant is an excellent choice for you. In general, a complete automatic potato chips making line consists peeling, inspecting, washing, cutting, blanching, dewatering, frying, deoiling, flavoring and packing. But we need to design the area according to your equipment dimension customization. The precise parameters should be determined by your capacity, equipment configuration, etc.

However, if your workshop area is small, you can choose semi-automatic potato chips making line to prepare potato chips. Only need several machines, they can help you finish the production of chips. Because of less equipment, their space occupations are far smaller than others.

semi automatic potato chips line

What can FPL do for your potato chips plant setup?

As your good partner, FPL can provide you with suitable equipment for the whole process of potato chips manufacturing. We will offer you potato chips plant design according to your actual conditions and requirements of capacity, area, equipment, etc.