How to Make Mango Chips

Mango is the common fruit in most continents, especially in Asia, Africa and South America. Because it contains rich Vitamin C, folate and dietary fiber. And mango is not only as a nutrient source but also as an important source of livelihood for people in the tropics. However, with characteristics of short harvest time, limited storage life, and transportation difficulty, fresh mango is normally processed industrially into various mango products to extend its preservation time. So how to make mango chips?

mango chips processing line

How to process mango before drying?

Cutting mango into slices

In order to get a uniform quality, its better to cut mango lengthways into 8-10mm thick slices. For this, fruit cutting machine is the best choice for you.

Blanching mango chips

Blanching can help to sterilize and color fixing mango slices. So after blanching at 70-80℃ hot water for 15 seconds, the enzyme activity is inhibited and mango is kept in its original color. For this, blanching machine is necessary in the process of making mango chips. After that, you need to place mango on the plate evenly for draining water and preparing for drying.

What drying machine is suitable for removing mango chips excessive moisture?

commercial hot air food drying machine details

Hot air circulating drying machine. Why? Because it blows the hot air into the chamber to heat the material and speeds up the flow of air so that the water is quickly taken away and mango chips will be dried. And you need to control the initial temperature at 70-75℃ and the post-period temperature at 60-65℃.


What advanced technology is applied in mango drying process?

Dried mango processing technology is one of the oldest methods for preserving mango by reducing its water content. But industrial hot air circulating drying method can not only prolong mango’s shelf life but also add value to mango products.

How to differentiate mango puree, pulp and concentrate?

Mango concentrate refers to the original juice which is water removed. And after concentrating, the processed product is easier for long distance transportation. Mango puree contains pulp, juice, etc except the stone (seed) & skin, blending it highly to a smooth consistency. Furthermore, mango puree retains natural fiber and some phytonutrients which is more nutritional than juice. Finally, mango pulp thinks that stringy solids which squeezing out the juice.