What is the Fruit Drying Technology

Industrial fruit drying technology quickly evaporates the internal moisture of fruits through hot air drying, vacuum drying, microwave drying, etc., so as to keep their nutrients and taste. Thereby extending their shelf life, increasing added value and facilitating storage and transportation. It is used in the processing of dried fruits and vegetables, preserved fruits, etc. So the following is the detailed information of fruit drying technology.

What types of fruit drying machine you can choose in FPL?

There are many types of drying equipment for the fruit and vegetable industry, and the common ones are hot air dryers, vacuum dryers, oven dryers, etc.

hot air drying machine

The hot air dryer evaporates water by circulating hot air. Then the vacuum dryer uses negative pressure to evaporate water in fruits and vegetables. And the oven dryer removes water by heating and drying fruits and vegetables. These equipment can choose different drying methods according to the different characteristics of fruits and vegetables. So as to ensure the nutrients, color and taste of fruits and vegetables, reduce the loss of nutrients and extend their shelf life, which is beneficial to the storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables.

Is hot air drying the most popular in FPL?

Of course. Hot air drying is still the mainstream drying method at present, accounting for about 90% of fruit and vegetable drying market. The main characteristics of hot air drying are low investment, low production cost and large production volume. Furthermore, the quality of dried products that can basically meet the needs of actual consumption.

What is the process of drying fruits?

The fruit and vegetable drying process is mainly divided into heating, ventilation and dehumidification.

Fruit heating process

Fruit ventilation and dehumidification process

Fruits have high water content, during the drying process, due to a large amount of water evaporation, the relative humidity in the drying room rises sharply. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the ventilation and dehumidification of the drying room, otherwise, the drying time will be prolonged and the quality of the finished product will be reduced.

When the relative humidity in the drying room reaches more than 70%, the air intake window and exhaust duct of the drying room should be opened to ventilate and dehumidify. Generally, the time for ventilation and exhaust is 10-15 minutes. If the time is too short, the moisture removal will not be enough, which will affect the drying speed and product quality. But if the time is too long, the indoor temperature will drop and the drying process will be affected.

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