How to Start a Banana Chips Making Business

banana chips production

Banana chips are a popular snack enjoyed by people around the world. Made from ripe or unripe bananas, these crispy and crunchy treats are a healthier alternative to potato chips and other fried snacks. But beyond being a tasty snack, is a banana chips business profitable? How to start a banana chips making business?

What aspects do you need to consider for building a banana chips plant?

To set up a banana chips manufacturing plant, you should consider following factors.

You should get permission to start your banana chips making businesses, and also need land to operate your business. The size of land you require depends on the scale of the banana chips plant.

To produce banana chips, you need raw materials like bananas, oil and water. The quality of raw materials can largely determine the quality of final product.

Banana chips making machines are essential for the success of your businesses. Namely, there are sorting and grading machine, washing and peeling machine, cutting machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, air cooling machine, packaging machine and other product handling machine. Each piece of machine serves its unique purpose so that to obtain top final product.

The number of human labor can vary for different banana chips lines. For example, if you set up a fully automatic banana chips plant, you need fewer workers while most the processes are done by machines. However, if you build a semi-automatic one, you would need more workers to work with machines.

How are banana chips made?

There are some steps for banana chips manufacturing, the details as follows:

  • Firstly, when the bananas arrive in factory, you can sort and grade them so that to remove defective ones. And this process can be done both manually and by potato sorting and grading machine.

  • Then washing and peeling the chosen bananas by industrial potato washer and peeler. Now, transferring the peeled bananas to cutter machine, which will cut them into thin chips with adjustable thickness.

  • Frying is essential step of the banana chips making processes. Deeply frying banana chips in continuous fryer machine with constant high temperature for a set period of time.

  • After frying, the banana chips are still covered with oil. So deoiling machine will remove the extra oil, preventing them from clogging together. What’s more, the material of this equipment is stainless steel. For this, the banana chips will not stick to the equipment during the degreasing process.

  • And then the hot french fries will be cooled down by air cooling machine. After that, the final stage is to bag them up with packing machine, for packed ones are easy to store and transport.

In conclusion, a banana chips business is a profitable opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the food industry. The growing demand for healthier snack options, low production costs, and simple production process make it an attractive option for those starting a business. And if you are interested in other food processing lines, FPL can also provide you with the best solution. Welcome to contact us at anytime.

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