How to Set up a Fruit Juice Factory

With the improve of living standard and health awareness, fruit juice consumption is growing, and the juice market is booming. So many people want to engage in fruit juice production business. But how to set up a fruit juice factory? For this, you need not only the money, workshop, machines and staffs, but the knowledge on market. Therefore, FPL can provide you with the best solution and if you are interested in it, please contact us.

What type of fruit juice do you want to produce?

There are many types of fruit juice for your choice, such as fresh fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice, NFC juice, cold pressed juice and fruity drinks. When you want to start a fruit juice business, you must set a target market. Because customers’ tastes change all the time. But, it is a clear trend that people care more about health, more natural and less artificial. So pure fruit juice and high-end fruit juice are accepted by more and more people.

How to find stable raw material suppliers?

To operate a fruit juice business, you need stable supply of fruits, bottles, ingredients, etc. If you don’t have an orchard, you need to contact local farmer’s market or fruit suppliers. Because some fruit suppliers only supply certain kind of fruits like oranges, other can supply all kinds of fruits. For this, you should compare the quality and price, and the transportation cost.

Build a fruit juice factory workshop for juice production

Two ways about building a fruit juice factory workshop are renting or buying. You can choose them according to your budget. And the workshop should be large enough to store raw materials and products, hold a fruit juice production line and juice filling plant. In addition, it allows staffs to work and move freely. Furthermore, if its available, you can set a bathroom and rest area for staffs.

How to stall a fruit juice production line?

A fruit juice production line is composed of fruit sorting machine, fruit washing machine, fruit peeling and extracting machine, fruit pulper machine, fruit juice extractor, juice homogenizer and degasser, etc. Up to now, you can get the raw fruit juice. Then you can use pasteurizer to eliminate the bacteria and a concentrator to make concentrated juice, which can be sold to juice drink manufacturers. And if you plan to make final fruit juice products, you need to blend the fruit juice with some additives, and fill it into bottles with a juice filling machine. Furthermore, different fruit juices need different equipment, you can contact us for specific advice.

The above is the process of building a fruit juice factory. If you are interested in it, we can also provide you with the construction of pasteurized milk making business and jam production line, etc. Welcome to contact us at anytime.