Fruit Juice Production Line

  • Capacity – 300-5000 L/H.

  • Control – PLC+Touch screen.
  • Plant area required – 500-2000 ㎡.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304/316 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Now, fruit juice becomes more popular in the world. It has good taste and nutritive value. For this, fruit juice production in a promising business. To engage in fruit juice production, you need to set up a fruit juice processing line. But how to make fruit juice? There are ten steps to help you produce fruit juice. In addition, if you also want to build a fruit juice factory, we can provide you with the best solution.

What kind of material can fruit juice production line to process?

For fruit juice making, there are various materials for your choice. For types of fruits, you can use organic, mango, apple, etc. Can fruit juice manufacturing equipment process all of them? Of course. We can provide you with the most suitable juice production line according to your material.

Organic juice processing line

Organic juice production line contains the following equipment and processes. They cover the process of fruit sorting, washing, conveying, peeling and extraction, fruit juice filtration, degassing, sterilization, homogenization and filling. But not all these products are required in an orange juice production line, you can make your own combination according to your needs.

Mango juice manufacturing line

When you want to process mango into juice, you need to further upgrade your fruit juice processing line. Then because of more complicated process, it needs more mango juice making machines. Generally, a complete mango juice production line contains sorting, peeling and destoning, softening, pulping, homogenization, degassing, sterilization, filling and packing, cooling. You can choose them to design your own plan for fruit juice processing line according to your need.

apple juice processing line

Apple juice processing plant

This plant is a simple process to make apple into fruit juice. So only needs a few apple juice making machines, it can help you finish apple juice making. Including fruit sorting, crushing, washing, juice extraction, clarification/homogenization, blending, sterilization, filling and cooling. And their difference lies in one process. Cloudy juice is made by homogenization, and transparent juice is made by clarification.

How to process fruit for juice production?

There are many steps for fruit juice production. But what equipment can produce fruit juice? For this, we can provide you with fruit juice manufacturing equipment as follows:

After completing the preparation work, fruits juice production officially begins now!

What equipment can extract fruit into juice?

Different juice extraction machines are used for different fruits. Take citrus fruits for example. The peels of citrus fruits contains essential oil, taro withered and terpene that have unpleasant tastes. And the endocarp and seeds contain flavonoid like naringin and limonin. After heating, these substance will dissolve in the fruit juice and make it taste bitter. For these reason, crushing and pressing method doesn’t apply to citrus fruits. Their juice are extracted by tapered mold.

fruit peeling and extracting machine
fruit juice filtration

How to filter extracted fruits juice?

The extracted fruits juice contains some suspended solids. They not only influence the appearance of fruit juice, but also make it easy to go bad. So filtration is a necessary process. For cloudy juice, filtration aim to remove the large suspended particles with no damage to the color, flavor and taste. For clear juice, they need fined filtration after rough filtration, which remove all suspended solids and colloidal particles who may cause precipitation.

Blending and sugaring fruits juice

To improve the fruits juice taste and make it meet your preference. You need to blend and add sugar to adjust the ratio of sugar and acid. For this, the best ratio of sugar and acid is between 13/1 and 15/1, or it would loose the original flavor of fruits juice.

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Why do you need to degrass fruits juice?

The oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide contained in the fruit cell will dissolve in the fruits juice during processing, or attach to the fruit particles. Besides, the contact of fruit juice and air in processing will increase the gas content.  But the oxygen will damage the vitamin C. And their reaction with various compositions in the juice will destroy the flavor and color. These adverse effect will be strengthened by heating. So, before pasteurization, we need degassing to remove the excess oxygen.

Homogenization for cloudy juice

Homogenization is an additional process to make cloudy juice, usually for those packed in glass bottles. After passing through the homogenizer, the particles in the fruit juice get further crushed and unified. So the homogenization promote the extrudation of the pectin, and make it mix uniformly with the fruit juice. In this way, you can get cloudy juice with no condition of separation or precipitation.

How to pasteurize fruits juice?

Pasteurization can eliminate the spoilage organisms in fruits juice, and passivate the enzymes that can cause chemical changes. But heating may damage the quality of the orange juice. So, to achieve the sterilization effect and reduce its effect on the juice quality, you need control the heating temperature and time. Usually, you can adopt HTST sterilization, 93℃±2℃ for 15-30s, or over 120℃ for 3-10s.

fruit juice pasteurizer

Why do you need to cool fruits juice after filling and sealing?

The pasteurized fruits juice (the temperature is about 85℃) are pumped into the charging basket and filled into the cans. Then the juice should be kept in the charging basket for less than 2min to reduce the flavor change. After filling and sealing, the fruits juice cans are placed upside down for 20 min to sterilize the cover with the high temperature of the orange juice. Then, cool the orange juice cans by spraying cold water and lower the temperature to under 38 ℃. Because the excess heat can help the dry the outside and prevent rusting.

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