How to Make Healthy and Safety Fried Food in Continuous Fryer

continuous fryer

Fried food has the tastes of crispy and delicious. So it is suitable for all ages and is deeply loved by people. There is a wide variety of fried foods, such as French fries, potato chips, banana chips, onion rings and more. And now fried food has also appeared in the meat industry, such as fried seaweed, fried pork skin and so on. But people generally think that fried foods are not healthy enough. In general, this is actually related to the repeated use of oil.

How to evaluate the quality of oil after frying?

One of the challenges of long term oil use is the chance that chemical reactions cause changes in the oil, which can affect food quality. Things that might be left in the oil include batter, breading, or even proteins. And these solids, crumbs, and fines continue to cook will lead to turn into burnt and denatured organics, known to affect taste. So the oil circulation filter system is the best choice for you.

The oil circulation filter system is the best choice for fried food production!

Most people worry about fried food is not healthy, which contains more oil. But FPL continuous fryer can solve this problem. Because it configures the oil circulation filter system. This system can continuously filter the oil residue during the production process. To ensure reducing the acid value of the oil and restore the color of the oil. For this, it can prolong the service life of the edible oil. Does this equipment have any other features that can produce healthier fried foods? Of course.

What features can provide a friendly frying environment in continuous fryer?

There are many features in continuous frying machine for healthy and safety fried food making. The details are as follow:

To prevent excessive oil oxidation, the continuous frying machine heats the central part of the oil layer and controls the temperature of the oil in the upper and lower layers.

The upper and lower double-layer mesh belts are driven. And sandwiching the product between the double-layer mesh belts to prevent the product from floating. To ensure that heating and conveying the material smoothly 2-3 cm below the oil layer.

There is a slag discharge system at the bottom, which can discharge the generated residue at any time and save frying oil. In order to make sure the quality of oil for the next frying.

We specially configure automatic control of oil temperature system, which can save the labor cost. When the oil temperature is too high, over-temperature alarm will remind you. And this can control oil temperature greatly to prevent food from spoiling due to over-frying.

Is there any other machine that can be used to assist in producing healthy food?

Of course. You can choose the deoiling machine. It is suitable for remove excessive oil from fried food. And this machine uses the principle of mechanical centrifugation to throw the oil out through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder and collect oil. What’s more, we designed the equipment is fully enclosed, so there is no need to worry about oil being thrown out during operation and causing pollution to the production environment.