What is the Pasteurization Technology

Pasteurization is a sterilization technology used to eliminate harmful microbes without damaging the raw material quality. And in the beginning, it refers to heating at low temperature (60-70℃) for 30 min. Nowadays, it refers to various heat treatment for killing bacteria, including heating at high temperature for short time. Pasteurization technology is widely applied in milk, juice, wine production. Now, the details of pasteurization technology are as follows:

What is the process of food pasteurization?


The heating medium is hot water, usually under the boiling temperature. So FPL pasteurizer heat up the raw materials to 68-70℃, keep this temperature for 30min and cool down suddenly to 4-5℃. As the death point of most bacteria is 68℃ and under 30 min, so this process can eliminate most bacteria. Then, the sudden temperature drop will cause the bacteria to die.

Which types of pasteurization technology is suitable for you?

There are three types of pasteurization technologies for your choice.

Widely Application for pasteurization technology

Pasteurization is used in different food for different purposes.

For milk, yolk and other fermented products, pasteurization can eliminate the possible pathogenic bacteria, like tuberculosis bacillus and salmonella. So FPL can provide you with pasteurized milk production line, etc.

pasteurized milk processing plant
mango fruit juice production line

For beers, wines, and fruit juice, pasteurization can eliminate harmful bacteria and inhibit enzyme activity to prolong the service life of products. And fruit juice production line can also be found in FPL.

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