How to Make High Quality French Fries

Potatoes are an important agricultural product, which is planted in most countries all over the world. They can be processed into many potato products, such as potato chips, frozen french fries and so on. In recent years, with the rapid development of the western fast-food industry, French fries have become an essential food and their demand increases day by day. But how to make high quality French fries? The follow are the detailed information:

What is the relationship between drying temperature&time and French fries production?

When the pre-frying time is at average encoding value, the relationship between drying temperature&time with French fries production is that when drying temperature and time are at -1 – 0 level of code value. And the chromatic aberration is minimum. Then if the drying temperature is too high or too low and the drying time is too long or too short, the chromatic aberration will increase.

But the water content decreases as the drying time and temperature can increase. Especially in the high temperature area, as the drying time increases, the water content decreases obviously. Furthermore, French fries can lose too much water and become hard.

For this, both low temperature&short time and high temperature&a long time will lead to high oil content, particularly obvious in high temperature and long time.

Why do you need to dry and pre-fry French fries before frying?

The standard of French fries is that has an attractive blonde and a thickness of 1-2mm crispy outer layer. Then it still remains wet and soft inside, low oil content and less amount of acrylamide. After a short time frying, the surface water of the French fries rapidly evaporates. And the temperature raising leads to the Maillard reaction, making the product exterior color, crispy and scented. Then if the drying step is missing, the moisture in the French fries will increase, resulting in a less crispy texture in the final fried French fries. And the moisture in the frying process will also cause the fryer to pollute the production environment.

  • In conclusion, the French fries are properly dried and pre-fried so that the moisture forms a gelatinized starch crust. It is conducive to the rapid Mallard reaction of French fries after frying in a short period of time, reducing the oil content of the final product and meeting product quality requirements. And FPL can provide you with various drying machine, such as hot air circulation drying machine.

How to produce French fries at a suitable frying temperature&time?

If you want to make high quality French fries, these factors will influence the result. For example, color, water content and oil content. So What is the suitable frying temperature and time?

frying temperature

You can fry French fries in continuous frying machine with 100℃. And before that, pre-frying need 38s is the best choice. Because it can improve the taste of French fries. Then the value of color difference is 3.99-4.45, which keep the overall beautiful. For this, 37.5%-38.5% of water content and 14.34%-14.85% of oil content can process French fries as a target product.

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