Chicken Nuggets Processing Line

  • Capacity – 1500 kg/h.

  • Belt width – 200-600 mm.
  • Processed Material – Chicken nuggets.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Most people enjoy eating fast food. As a fast food snack, chicken nuggets are as popular as French fries. But its production process is simpler than French fries. There are only five steps – forming, battering, breading, frying and freezing. And the design of chicken nuggets processing line will change according to your actual conditions and requirements, especially capacity. So welcome to contact us for details.

How are chicken nuggets produced?

In general, a complete chicken nuggets making line can be divided into five parts. Forming,  battering, breading, frying and freezing. For every step, as a professional food machinery manufacturer, FPL can provide you with the most suitable equipment.

Continuous frying for chicken nuggets production

For large scale chicken nuggets frying, continuous fryer is the best choice for you. Because it adopts electric heating system, which can keep oil temperature stable. And it is equipped with conveyor belts and lifting devices. Lifting the chicken pieces after frying can effectively prevent the chicken pieces from being soaked in oil and over-frying. In addition, if you want to use gas heating system, we can also provide you with a correspondingly machine. And when frying, the temperature gets 185℃ that is the best choice for you.

There are two types of fryers for your choice. Batch type fryer and fry pot. They can both fry small scale chicken nuggets in your factory. And if your budget is not enough, they are suitable for you to fry chicken nuggets.

Quick freezing chicken nuggets

In order to store chicken nuggets for a long time, freezing them is essential. For this, quick freezer is the best choice for you. It is with two parts: precooling and IQF. Precooling is to make the temperature down to 12-20℃. And IQF part is to make the temperature down to -18℃. We have many types of quick freezers for your choice. Spiral quick freezer, liquid nitrogen freezing cabinet, liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer and tunnel quick freezer. So you can choose them according to your needs.

How to choose  chicken nuggets processing line at a low cost?

When you choose a chicken nuggets production line, the budget is as your reference. The detailed information is as follows:

$1,8900-$20,000 chicken nuggets processing line cost

When you want to setup a chicken nuggets production line with $1,8900-$20,000, it can produce 100-150kg/h chicken nuggets. And it is advisable to use YT-400 forming machine, YT-400 battering equipment, YT-400 breading machine, fry pot or batch type fryer and YT-200 liquid nitrogen freezing cabinet.

$22,000-$110,000 chicken nuggets making line budget

What capacity does $22,000-$110,000 chicken nuggets making line can produce? It will make 200-1000kg/h chicken nuggets for large scale production. For this, you can buy YT-600 forming machine, YT-600 battering equipment, YT-600 breading machine, continuous fryer and YT-500 liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer or tunnel freezer.

Top 1 chicken nuggets production plant manufacturer

If you want to set up a chicken nuggets processing line, it is necessary to find a reliable food machinery manufacturer. Here, Yoto is the best choice for you. There are two reasons:

Yoto can provide you with high quality chicken nuggets plant equipment

On the one hand, we constantly integrate advanced accessories from the domestic and foreign. Such as the Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Baosteel, etc. So we can offer you chicken nuggets making machines with easy and stable operation. On the other hand, all our food equipment is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy steel. So it has a longer service life than other chicken nuggets making machines. That is, you can spend less on chicken nuggets making plant equipment replacement.

certificate for chicken nuggets making linechicken nuggets production line manufacturer

Yoto food machines have a more favourable price

As a leading food equipment company in China, Yoto has advanced technology and many years of experience in food processing machine manufacturing. In this way, the cost of food machine can be reduced. In addition, we are a source factory for food machine production. This means there is no extra charge during transactions. So you can buy equipment for your chicken nuggets processing line setup at a more favourable price.

What is the application of chicken nuggets production line?

This production line can not only make chicken nuggets, but also produce other frozen food. Such as hamburger patties, pumpkin pie, kebabs, beef burger patty and so on. The following are the processes of some related production lines:

  • Beef burger patty processing line: forming-freezing-end product
  • Chicken burger processing line: forming-battering-breading-frying-air cooling-freezing-end product
  • Breaded shrimp production line: battering-freezing-end product

To sum up, as long as you have this production line, you can produce many types of frozen foods. And it will also cost less in the long run.

Besides the above business plans for chicken nuggets production project, we also have solutions to different food processing lines. For example, frozen french fries making linepotato chips  production system, pasta manufacturing plan, etc. In addition, we can also design layouts according to your chicken nuggets making plant cost, Therefore, you definitely can find the right design for your chicken nuggets manufacturing plant!

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