Fried Peanut Processing Line

  • Capacity – 300-1000 kg/h.

  • Feed material – peanuts and others kind of nuts.
  • Voltage – 380 v.
  • Equipment materials – SUS304 stainless steel.

  • Warranty – 12 months.

Fried peanuts have always been a favorite as a snack. But there are a lot of details in its production method. It is not just about frying peanuts. For this, our factory can provide you with a fried peanut processing line. And we can also customize peanut frying machines according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us immediately.

What equipment is required for fried peanut production?

How to prepare fried groundnut? What fried groundnut making machines can be used? They are two things you must to know when you plant to setup a fries peanut processing line. In general, a complete fried peanut production line consists of the following machines:

Elevator put peanut into blanching machine when water temperature get 97-98 degree. Let the peanut kernel red skin easy to peeling and keep the natural flavor of the peanut. Then peanut will through hot water for 3-5 minutes by conveyor belt.

Sending blanched peanut in peeling machine though conveyor belt will remove the red skin. And it can maintain the integrity of peanuts, no damage.

Frying is a core step. The purpose of the frying is to reduce the moisture in the peanut and get the crispy peanut. When frying, please grasp the right time, neither too early nor too late. So frying peanut for 5-6 minutes in 150-160 degree is the best choice for you.

After frying peanuts, how to process them becoming taste?

Deoiling machine for fried peanut

This machine can remove extra oil from peanut. And the extruded oil can be used again to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Peanut flavoring equipment

You can use it to season the fried peanut, which makes them more taste. And customer can flavor various seasons according to their requirements.

Vacuum nitrogen packaging machine

The last step is packing. This machine can finish large and high efficiency packaging. Through the packing, the fried peanut can keep tasty and no damage for a long time.

What is the price of fried peanut processing line?

Our fried peanut processing line is an ideal choice at a low cost. Then what is the precise quote of groundnut frying machines? Usually, the cost of fried peanut manufacturing project is not fixed. It is related to many factors, including capacity, food equipment manufacturer, etc.

Prices of different capacities fried peanut processing systems

Generally, the larger the capacity, the higher the cost. So the price of a 300-500 kg/h fried peanut preparation line is $14,000-$18,000. When the output increases to 500-700 kg/h, you need to prepare$18,000-$30,000. How about 800-1000 kg/h? Its cost is between $39,000-$47,000.

Why we can provide you with fried groundnut making machine economically?

For one thing, we are the source factory for food equipment manufacturing. There is no extra charge during fried peanut making machines buying. For another, we have been focusing on the production of food equipment for many years. We adopt advanced technology and equipment. So we have the strength to offer you quality peanut frying machines at a favourable price.

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